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[TTMIK L1|Lesson 9-11]


날짜: 2014년12월24일

출처: TTMIK Level 1

Lesson 9:
은/는: topic-marking particle
-let people know what you’re going to talk about
-“as for…”
-“unlike other things”
-“different from other things”
-mostly used for contrast, commonly dropped

이/가: subject-marking particle
-marks subject without emphasizing it too much (complex sentences)
-“nothing but”
-“none other than”
-answering questions
-expressing opinion
“뭐가 좋아요?”
“ABC가 좋아요.”
“ABC가 좋아요? XYZ가 좋아요!”
-clarifies meaning, used more commonly than 은/는

이 책 좋아요: This book is good
이 책은 좋아요: This book is good (as opposed to the other ones)
이 책이 좋아요: This book is good (none other than this book is good, in response to “Which book is good?”)

Lesson 10:
있어요: has/have, exists (있다)
없어요: don’t have/doesn’t have, doesn’t exist (없다)

재미있다: to be fun, interesting, amusing
재미없다: to be boring, dull, uninteresting
^fixed expressions => no space between 재미 and 있다/없다

Lesson 11:
~주세요: please give me…

장갑: gloves