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소설 읽기: 냉면양 만두군 배틀기 [목차]


As mentioned in my previous post, I’m challenging myself by diving into the world of reading novels. The first book I am reading is called 냉면양 만두군 배틀기 which means, as far as I can tell, ‘The Twist(?) of Miss Cold Noodles and Mr. Dumpling’. I’m not quite sure about the translation of 배틀기 but hopefully it becomes clearer through context as I read on……. hopefully. We’re only at the title and I’m already confused! 제목인데 벌써부터 모르는 게 생겼네……….ㅋㅋ그래도 버텨야지! 이런 걸 예상했어! 네하 화이탕!!!

목차 [Table of Contents]

  • 프롤로그: 라이벌 탄생
    • Prologue: Birth of a Rival
  • 1장: 냉정한 만두군
    • Chapter 1: Cold-hearted Mr. Dumpling
  • 2장: 시끄러운 냉면양
    • Chapter 2: Noisy Miss Cold Noodles
  • 3장: 냉면양, 만두 소굴에서의 하루
    • Chapter 3: Miss Cold Noodles, a Day at the Dumpling Hide-out
  • 4장: 냉면양, 과연 이 살랑거리는 마은은 무엇?
    • Chapter 4: Miss Cold Noodles, What Could this Fluttering Heart Be?
  • 5장: 만두군, 냉면양이 기가 막혀!
    • Chapter 5: Mr Dumpling, Miss Cold Noodles Puts you at a Loss for Words!
  • 6장: 냉면양, 만두국에 퐁당 빠져 버린 사연은?
    • Chapter 6: Miss Cold Noodles, Falling into Dumpling Soup with a Plop is…?
  • 7장: 만두군, 비빈냉면 위에 오도카니 놓인 계란 반쪽이 되고 싶다?
    • Chapter 7: Mr. Dumpling, Do you Want to Become the Other Half of the Egg Absentmindedly Added to the Mixed Cold Noodles?
  • 8장: 냉면양, 키스는 달콤하게. 아무도 보지 않는 곳에서 !
    • Chapter 8: Miss Cold Noodles, Kisses should be Warm. “Muah” where No-one can See!
  • 9장: 만두군, 사랑이 깊어질수록 불안한 이유는?
    • Chapter 9: Mr. Dumpling, Why does Uneasiness Increase as Love Grows Deeper?
  • 10장: 냉면양, 사랑의 조리법은 세상 그 어떤 레시피를 다 합친 것보다도 어려운 것
    • Chapter 10: Miss Cold Noodles, The Art of Cooking Love is Harder than All the Recipes in the World Combined
  • 11장: 만두군, 동침동치미의 관계는 정말 무관계?
    • Chapter 11: Mr. Dumpling, are Sleeping Together (dongchim) and  Radish Water Kimchi (dongchimi) Really Unrelated?
  • 에필로그: 냉면양과 만두군의 Endless battle
    • Epilogue: The Endless Battle of Miss Cold Noodles and Mr. Dumpling
  • 작가후기
    • Author’s Afterword

새로운 단어:

탄생: birth
냉정하다: cold-hearted, level-headed
소굴: den, nest; hideout
살랑거리다: a constant, cold, light breeze;
퐁당: with a plop
사연: story; situation
오도카니: absentmindedly
쪽: *smack* sound-effect for kiss
조리법: the art of cooking
합치다: to combine
동침: sleeping together; sharing a bed (can be sexual or not; context)
동치미: Korean radish kimchi
후기: post-script, epilogue

My thoughts:

Based on the Table of Contents, it looks like this is a love story between the owners(?) of two rival restaurants – one specialising in cold noodles, the other in dumplings. Mr. Dumpling, as the book calls him, is cool-headed, while Miss Cold Noodles is loud – the classic situation of “opposites attract”. I’m a huuuge fan of Korean dramas, so I’m quite looking forward to watching this rivalry turn into romance. Each chapter is 20-30 pages long, so I’m going to try to read one a day – at the slowest, one every 3 days – but I’ll have to get started to see what my pace is and if that’s actually realistic (haha). I’m super excited. 기대되네~~