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[TTMIK L1|Lesson 15-17]


날짜: 2016년 5월 30일

출처: TTMIK Level 1

Lesson 15: Sino-Korean numbers
sino-korean=based on Chinese
숫자: number(s)

0: 영/궁
1: 일
2: 이
3: 삼
4: 사
5: 오
6: 육/륙
7: 칠
8: 팔
9: 구
10: 십
100: 백
1,000: 천
10,000: 만
100,000,000: 억

Sino-Korean numbers are used when talking about dates, for minutes when telling time, and when giving floor numbers.

Lesson 16:
*All Korean verbs end in 다 in their unconjugated/dictionary form
*Taking off “다”gives the verb stem (VS)

Simple Present Tense:
VS with ㅏ/ㅗ as the final vowel + ~아요
VS with other final vowel + ~어요
Exception: 하다 –> 하 + ~여요 –> 하여요/해요

Lesson 17:
Past tense:
VS with ㅏ/ㅗ as final vowel + ~았어요
VS with other final vowel + ~었어요
하다 –> 하 + ~였어요 –> 하였어요/했어요

수다를 떨다: to chat, prattle, gossip